Sunday, July 31, 2011

Gross! What’s That Smell? Oh Wait…It’s Me.

Anyone who does any sort of cardio on a regular basis knows that stench can be a pretty big issue.  Add one’s natural tendencies of sweating to the fact that it’s blazing hot outside and you’ve got a stinky disaster on your hands.

I SMELL SO BAD when I return from runs.  I suppose this wouldn’t be an issue if I had a washer & dryer and/or lots of running gear, but I don’t.  Embarrassingly enough, I wear the same running shorts and bra all the time and cycle through two tank tops. If anyone wants to donate to the “Trisha needs to stop smelling so bad because she’s chasing people away” fund so I can buy more clothes, I’ll give you my paypal account info :) 

I’ll just go ahead and assume that’s not going to happen, so what’s a gal to do to un-stinkify (yes, that’s a word) herself? Here is what I have come up with:

1. Get in the shower fully clothed after running and rinse off gear. Proceed with normal shower.

2. Hang up gear in the shower when done and attack with Febreeze.



3. Repeat process until you just can’t take it anymore  (about 3 days of this).

4. Spray clothes with Febreeze and then wash them by soaking them in your bathtub with laundry detergent so you don’t have to pay $1.50 to wash 4 articles of clothing.


5. Keep running.

If I were running at a gym or with people and actually had to be near others, this “cleansing” routine would probably not cut it. I’m going to start some group runs in a couple weeks and I should probably come up with something better. 

Has anyone tried the sports-specific laundry detergents (i.e. WIN or Penguin Sports Wash)? What do you think of them?
-I’ve never tried them but am always tempted to grab a bottle when I’m at the running store.

How do you clean your stinky running clothes?
-Clearly, I could use some tips.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Back at it!

I have missed blogging and stalking reading other blogger’s posts during the past week or two! A LOT has happened in my life during the past week and a half including:

  • I GOT A JOB as a personal trainer (I got my personal trainer certification about a month ago)
  • I started in-house training last Monday
  • My brain has almost exploded on multiple occasions trying to learn everything as fast as possible
  • I’ve made a big binder full of various exercises I like that I have found in magazines and books
  • I’ve followed my marathon training plan to a tee!
  • I evidently decided to get an early start on the Badwater Ultra training by running 9 miles in a 100° heat index on Saturday
  • I got a Google+ account…anyone else? If so, add me! trishaposey [at] gmail [dot] com
  • I got a Spotify account and it has already changed my life

What is something exciting that has happened in the past week and a half in your life?

What are some go-to sources that you use for new exercises?